How to separate anchor points and the separated vertices in a different direction in Kangaroo


I am new to using Kangaroo and am currently following a tutorial that is creating a geometry similar to mine. However, the tutorial is using Kangaroo 1 and I want to use Kangaroo 2 as I have already partly built users script into my test geometry.

The problem is the individual in the video at 1:51 manages to separate some of her vertices from the anchor points and move the separated vertices along the Z-axis, which I am struggling to understand how to do within my script.

Here is the video I am currently looking at: Beijing international airport with grasshopper-parametric modeling in architecture - YouTube

Here is my Grasshopper/Kangaroo script: (44.2 KB)

I have highlighted the areas in red which I personally think need adjusting, but I could be wrong.


You have specified the edge lengths - which define the stiffness of the mesh -, the anchor points - which fix chosen vertices in place -, but you haven’t defined a force that acts on the mesh.

2021-04-03 17-07-27.2021-04-03 17_08_54 (47.9 KB)

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Thank you for the fast reply, the script is almost there. But because there is a Load component which tapers in the edge along the x-axis (highlighted in the image below in black) I have to keep the anchor points as they are.

But when using the VertexLoad component it is still using the all of the anchor points which is required for the Load component. But I only want the VertexLoad to effect these vertices (highlighted in yellow below).

So instead of the VertexLoads component, use a Load one with your selected vertices.


Sorry could you show me? I attempted to do as you mentioned but it doesn’t seem to work. (48.7 KB)

Nothing happens because you’ve already defined these vertices as anchors. It doesn’t make much sense to apply a load to an anchor, because the it is meant to stay stationary, and thus nothing happens!

What’s your end goal?

Yeah what I was thinking, I may have misunderstood what you mentioned previously. The end goal is this image below:

I linked the video I above what I was trying to achieve but here it is again: Beijing international airport with grasshopper-parametric modeling in architecture - YouTube

the timestamp is 1:51

Here you go! (44.6 KB)

Thank you so much, you have no idea how long I’ve been stuck trying to figure this out!

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You’re welcome, Adam!

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