How to select the last items from the lists on a tree with three branches

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I have a list that I attached a picture of it below, the list has three branches and each branch has few items in them. My goal is to collect all the last items from each list. I know that list item with -1 index can collect the last item in a tree with one branch. But this one has three and I don’t know what is the best approach here.
Note: when I use “simplify tree” it still has three branches
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The data you have in the picture is WAY more than just 3 branches…

Use “Trim tree” component, check the result with a panel and increase the depth of trim tree component if needed…

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

Your image is unreadable but looks like a data tree with only one item per branch? As @maje90 suggests, “Trim tree” or Shift Paths (both under ‘Sets | Tree’) might help but without some internalized data to examine, your question is far too vague.