How to select surfaces according to boolean list

Hello all,

I have 4 breps and a boolean list right next to it as indicated below and each brep contains 6 trimmed surfaces.

I need to separate the “true” one from the others before or after the merging process. The problem is that they need to be merged so I couldn’t make it by hand. I don’t know whether it is possible in grasshopper or need to write a script.

Waiting for your valuable replies.

Thanks in advance.

Almost certainly yes. But not from your image alone. And probably a better description as well.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

Dear @Joseph_Oster, I prepared a sample file. Hope this will help better understanding the situation.

Thank you.

brep selection according to boolean (23.6 KB)

There so many things about this file that are just plain wrong… Avoid passing geometry through text panels as it comes out text instead of geometry. Please look at these changes I made:

brep (22.3 KB)

What are you trying to do?

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Dear @Joseph_Oster, please ignore the lists. Sorry for the misleading explanations. Required surfaces are shown below.

Please have a look at attached file.

Thank you for your time.

brep selection according to boolean (25.2 KB)

Did you look at my changes? Please try to understand them.

I won’t go though your code again otherwise…

Does removing Cap Holes from your file give you what you want?

This (adapted slightly from my previous post) is a better way to write GH code.
Please have a look at attached file.

brep (8.6 KB)

Actually, I had done what I wanted but listing a “partition list” first and then connecting this list to “dispatch” and waiting for a geometric output was nonsense. I attached the corrected file.

Sorry for all that confusion. @Joseph_Oster, I thank you for your patience and your attention.

brep selection according to boolean (12.6 KB)

This particular form of nonsense (below) has been a consistent feature of all your GH models, despite my efforts to show you “the GH way”. The confusion in your descriptions has also persisted through all your posts. My patience and attention has ended.