How to select parts separate?

When I export a Rhino model to stp file, I can select parts separate in the model.

But same file if I open in Trimble connect or in Tekla, It looks like one block. I cant select parts separately.

Is there is any export settings for this?
Attached rhino model and stp file for review.
Test.3dm (1.8 MB)
Test.stp (987.9 KB)

Hi -

I’m not sure I understand the issue here. This sounds like a question you need to ask Trimble about.

I asked this question in the Tekla forum. I got reply like below.

How can I change this in rhino?

Which export option combinations have you tried? e.g. 203 format instead of 214, split surfaces Y v. N?

I have tried all the options. But same result.