How to select only the end points?

How do I select only the end points of this lattice? This is a just a simple sphere geometry that I’m trying out. I generate the lattice using Intralattice plugin. I want to select/ list all the end points of this volume so that I could manipulate. Help please!


Upload the file and marrk in screenshot with image editor which points you need to selecct

If you have a surface on which only the end-points lie (or a mesh, or a brep), then you can measure the distance from each point to that surface using a closest point component. Then if this distance is small (say, less than 1e-6) then you’re dealing with an end-point. You can use the Smaller Than component to test for a small number, then Cull Pattern or Sift to filter out only the end-points.

If you don’t have a single shape that is coincident with all the end-points, then I need to know how your data is organised. Please internalise all the relevant data and remove any irrelevant components (not everyone has the Intralattice plugin, so best to cut it out of the file). See point #3 here if you don’t know how to isolate relevant components.