How to select nodes from model?

I´m having problems providing valid point supports (or forces) to the Assemble Model module. I generated a beams structure from a simple unit cell using a combination of array transformations (ArrPolar and ArrLinear). Since the unit cell contains several members, I repeated some array transformation using some initial points to regenerate just the desired support points and feed Supp module. Unfortunately, when I provide such points to Supp it dumps the following error:

  1. Solution exception:Could not find node at (0.551248553449711/-2.94891929905171/0) where support number 0 is attached.

It seems that I have to select the nodes exactly from the model I´m trying to feed Assemble Model module, but I don´t know how. Would you help me? Thanks!

Hi @Vigardo,

are you able to share your definition as it is difficult to see where the issue lies.


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Hi Matthew, thank you very much for your rapid response! This is the file: (39.3 KB)

But I’ve found this YouTube video where nodes are selected with Cull and Smaller objects. I’ll try as soon as possible.

Hi Matthew, I finally fixed the problem. I just had to “Flatten” the Elem output in LineToBeam module. It seems that Karamba automatically detects the nodes to generate supports and forces. Thank you anyways!

Hi @Vigardo, thats good to hear