How to select intersected curves to a point and add them to a dictionary

I am new to rhinoscript so forgive me if it is a beginner question.
I have a group of intersected curves
My final outcome which i hope to achieve is: a dictionary where its keys are intersected curves and the value is their point of intersection. Meaning, if i have a group of intersected curves, i want to collect all points of their intersected curves, hoping to get something like this:
dictionary = {point1: [intersectedline1, intersectedline2, intersectedline3, etc], point2:[intersectedline1, intersectedline2, etc], etc}
Thank you for your help

On line 12, startpts and endpts is already out of scope! You have to put it inside the scope of the for loop.
It is also not a good idea to compare two points directly, to find out if they are equal. I’d rather measure the distance between both points and check whether it is smaller than a tolerance value (e.g. 0.01).