How to select every nth subbranch?

Below is my solution, but I hope there is a simpler way to do it. Selecting every second subbranch requires editing the dispatch pattern. (14.3 KB)

I use these tools foradditional Tree manipulations:

There is absolutely no need for a plugin to do what @feklee wants to do :bangbang: And there are other standard components besides Dispatch for culling.

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Hi @feklee ,

Is this what you are after?

Graph Space:

You can use Split Tree with a wildcard (asterik) mask at the start of the mask pattern, then the value of 0 following that will return the 0 index value at each “primary” branch.

Sometimes I use Concatenate to make a “parametric” masking pattern if I want to iterate a little more quickly.

If that is not what you are after can you please type what the expected result is?

Hope that helps, thanks! (12.9 KB)


That! Thank you!

Much simpler now: (10.1 KB)

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You’re welcome!