How to select blocks from the layer manager (bug)?


example: I have a large interior scene with a lot of small cameras on the ceiling. The cameras are a block. If I click on the file name of the block at the layer manager and choose “select objects”, than nothing happen. Please fix it and add the functionality.


Are you trying to select the layer that the geometry inside the block was created on? If so that is not how they work. Blocks are placed on their own layer separate from geometry inside them, so in order to select the blocks you need to select the layer the block was placed on.

Although to muddy the waters block can be placed on the same layer as geometry that is inside them.

Often the block references are placed at the standard layer only. So I can’t use it for selection.

But at the layer manager there is a layer with the filename.3dm with the layers of the block as sublayers. Rhino shows me at the RMB menu “select objects”, but it doesn’t work. It could be very useful, if the selection would work for the *.3dm layer, so it would work like expected.

I assign my blocks to a specific layer. That way I can turn them on and off and select them all when I need to.

When I need more control I also name the block and use SelectName.

Often I get my project files from my clients and this are users who like a simple intuitive use. So, the simple insert files as blocks.
I can turn on/off blocks by using the filename.3dm layer, so could be nice to get this layers for selection use too.

I got it now, sorry, my first response was irrelevant - I had BlockManager and not LayerManager in my mind. I don’t now what is possible, but I can get this on the wish pile.



Thank you.