How to select all wired components


I hope this question wasn’t asked already…

Is there any way to select everything that is wired to a certain component?
I have a lofted surface in a rather huge document and I want to select everything that is wired before the loft so I can take everything out to create just this surface.

Please help.

Thanks in advance


Not really, (Yes, see David’s response below) But there are ways to make your files more manageable. Such as proper use of data trees, merge component, parameter components, etc.

Ctrl+Shift+ will select all components that feed data into the current selection. Right arrow will select all downstream stuff. These selection tools are also available through the menu.

Just keep repeating (or hold down the keys for a while) until nothing visually changes anymore.


Interesting, didn’t know that one. Learn a new GH shortcut everyday even after many years :smiley:


Thank you so very much!!!