How to see the GH's contour component source file?

people can see the source file by .Net Reflector,if you want to see Math component,you can open this:
because i want to learning something in “contour” compnent,but i cannot find the relavant gha or dll…
so need help…thank you!

As long as you are aware that disassembling and helping others to disassemble a GHA produced by Robert McNeel & Associates without the express permission of RMA is a direct violation of the license agreement…

You can find which GHA contains a specific component by right clicking on the component in the toolbar and selecting Component Info. You may have to enable Obscure components via the View menu if the component is otherwise only available on a dropdown panel.

Also if you open the Grasshopper About dialog and click on the little plus in the upper left corner, you can then access all loaded plugins and see which components they each provide:

thank you David!