How to see curve tangency deviation numbers?

I’m exporting curves as DXF from Rhino for input into Siemens NX and noticed the following:

I don’t know where that problem comes from. Is it the Rhino Match command that failed (even though document angle tolerance is at 0.1), is it the Rhino DXF import that messed things up or is it the NX import that did it?

A start would be to get the same deviation analysis in Rhino, so how do I see those numbers in Rhino?

Oh, I think I’ve found a problem… this is the DXF re-imported into Rhino:


I thought that perhaps using the latest version would produce the better results (R12 Natural), but apparently not… 2007 Natural produced the best results, so newer isn’t always better!

(I’d still love an answer to the above question, even though I’ve resolved this specific case now.)

R12 is actually the oldest version, it refers to AutoCAD 12 released sometime in the mid-nineties…
(1992 according to Wikipedia)

Ah… not sure why I got that backwards.

I am not sure what numbers you need. Maybe CrvDeviation, PointDeviation, or GCon command can provide these numbers?

GCon was what I was after, thank you!