How to search inside branches with key items?

my question is how can I search in a data tree that consists of various branches with help of searching keys (specific items).
The picture shows two lists. The list “Search keys” shows my items I am searching for. The list “Data Tree” is the list where I want to search inside. The result should be a list that consists of the branch name where the search key was detected. (10.3 KB)

What’s your goal? The indices in your panel “Tree for Search” are the indices in your keys.

The end of your definition seems a bit weird, not sure what you’re looking for?

lets say I would like to check for each branch inside the tree where Item “0” of my Key-List is. The result would be a list that says, that it is in Branch (0,0,0), (0,0,3), (0,0,4). (19.9 KB)

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Thank you Martin, it seems to be quite close, but you used list index just for one index “0”. I would like to do this for all indices 0-7 from the vertices output. Finally there should be a data tree that shows the positively tested path names for all tested indices in one list seperated by branches.
For example testing item “0” first through the tree, then “1” , etc.

The final list would show eight branches consisting of all path names that are positively checked

Two solutions, one with set tools, the other with distance analysis: (26.7 KB)