How to save Ghosted View Object in Rhino 7?

Hello. I am using Rhino 7. I have opened a .raw object consist of triangles on Rhino. When I make the object ghosted viewed and click Save as → save as .obj, it does not save as ghosted view.
I want to save the model in Ghosted View and be able to see triangles like the below png image.

but it saves as .obj as below.

I will use the model in a powerpoint presentation. So any file extension that I can upload to the powerpoint as 3D objects are fine for me.

Ghosted View only affects the display of your object in Rhino, it will not change the exported object.

I don’t use Powerpoint, but from a brief Google search it looks like it has settings for Materials and Fills that might achieve the effect you are looking for.