How to run Performance and Load test visualization


We wanted to perform some performance/load testing for the visualization feature in our web app which is primarily loaded by using ShapeDiver APIs. Does anyone know best tools/practices to be used around this to perform following,

  1. Performance Testing of each model
  2. Load Testing (larger set of users at a time) for each model.


Could you tell me more about what you are trying to achieve? What insights you would like to get?
Analytics tab in your dashboard shows you various stats but I just want to understand your use case better.

We mainly wanted to analyze the performance from various places. However, it’s not easy so Yes we can rely on the analytics provided by shapediver. Can you please help me to understand how credits are used? and what happens when we cross the limit?

Here is how it works:

1 credit = 1 session or 1 export

Session : every time an embedded configurator is started on a whitelisted website.

Export: every time the configurator exports any type of file (pdf, stl, dxf, etc.)

Each session has a duration of up to 10 minutes. If the session exceeds 10 minutes, another credit is deducted for every 10 more minutes of usage. If a configurator is left unattended, we only count the first 10 minutes as one session until the user comes back and starts using the configurator again.

You will be notified if you cross the limit but don’t worry, we will keep your models running. You can always add more credits to your account

More details on out pricing page: