How to round spikes or mesh corners?

Hi everybody,

i googled for ages but could not find a solution. (Rhino Noobie)
I have a model that needs to be 3d printed. It is a mesh object.

It has a faceted look which it should not loose. So no edge fillets possible.
But the spikes are too sharp and break off after printing.

I cannot figure out how to smoothen/fillet them. Radius should be 1-0.5 mm (tiny model)
For better understanding i attached this image of one of the models.

Some tips or help are very much appreciated. Also how i can convert the mesh to a nurbs object?

Thanks you in advance
cheers mu

I wouldn’t try to round the points - in any case Rhino does not have mesh fillets - I would simply cut them off. To do this it might be possible for example to make a mesh sphere of a certain diameter and copy it to all of the spike points. Then do a MeshBooleanDifference and subtract the spheres from the spiky object. If the end has a slight inward curve because of the sphere, it likely won’t matter at all, as the 3d printer will probably round stuff off a bit anyway.

If the mesh model has simple faces and not too many, you can convert it to NURBS by using the MeshToNurb command. Then you can work with the normal Rhino surfacing commands, and re-convert it to a mesh later.


Thank you for the reply, I will def. try that.
Is it possible chamfer the corners? I couldnt find the command.