How to rotate rectangular polygons towards point in space?

Hey All, I have created surface divided a sphere and created points along a series of UV points. I then created Plane normals at each point. I used these plane normals to create a series of 4 sided polygons that are aligned to the spherical surface. I now want to rotate each 4 sided polygon so that they face a center point. Effectively creating a polar array around a center point but instead of being a 2d array, it would be in 3d array. I’m having trouble creating this rotation. Any help would be great! Thank you! (20.3 KB) (19.1 KB)

I was going to suggest that you use EvalSrf to get the surface frames but for expediency, skipped that.

P.S. Like this: (19.9 KB)

If you mean like this , you can use Evaluate surface (20.6 KB)

Thank you! If I wanted the polygons to be perpendicular to the ones you’ve created would you just apply a 45 degree rotation to them?

You can use Rectangle

Perpendicular is 90 degrees rotation, not 45 degrees.

P.S. It looks like one of us didn’t understand the request to “rotate each 4 sided polygon so that they face a center point”?

P.P.S. Two things:

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever used Rotate Direction before and I just discovered that moving the “attractor point” to 0,0,0 causes some confusion about rotation. This problem goes away when the Z value of the point is changed.

  2. The surface division points/frames are duplicated along the surface seam. (31.5 KB)