How to roll back sr 19 to sr 18

I need to roll back sr 19 to sr 18 how does one do it?

Hi RM - you can uninstall and look in


for the previous installer. I did note the RhinoScript regression you reported and I am working buggifying that now.


HI Pascal,
This is the first time in all these years since V1 I’ve had to roll back, pretty good track record for McNeel.
Looking forward to the fix at some point.
Thanks for your help and for reporting the bug.

Hi Roland - the bug is fixed and the fix will be in 6.20 - thanks for the report. It had to do, it turns out, with how analysis commands can now be used nested to send the results back to a running command as numeric input.


Hi Pascal,
That’s great! Glad to help, looking forward to the next sr.