How to reverse login 'keep me signed in'?

A while ago I checked the login box ‘keep me signed in’ for my Rhino account.

I’m now trying to create a new account to assign another Rhino 6 license at our company through a company controlled email address and when I logged out of my account (chrome browser) and try to refresh to login page to begin setting this up it will log me straight back in.

I looked through all the account settings and may be either missing something extremely obvious but I can’t for the life of me find a way to disable this checkbox and stop the automatic login.

I managed to workaround using another browser but would like to fix this setting on my login if possible.

I have the exactly same problem. I have a feeling this is caused by Chrome, not by the site itself, but not sure.

Maybe this?

Thanks for the quick response John.

I tried that suggestion but no luck. Also happening in Opera and Firefox as well even when I log out, close tab and browser and reopen then browse again to

Now in Chrome i’m locked into one account and in Opera i’m locked into the other…

Then maybe it’s not the browser.
If you use your Internet browser to go to, on the end of the row of links, click, “my account”.
Then on the My Account page, you’ll see your account name in the upper right.
Click it and choose Logout.

Is that the one you’re looking for?

Have you tried deleting cookies?

Thankyou! This solves the problem and enables me to switch to a different login.

Need to remember to delete cookies before doing this switch as once logged in the cookies are recreated it seems.