How to reverse "actual" surface sides when unrolled

When I unroll a surface, I want the actual back side (inside) of the fabric facing up for my CNC (marking, etc). Flip seems to just reverse surface logic direction and not the actual surface (geometry?). Using Squish and setting “Outside Down” is the same as Flip it appears.

I want the actual geometry flipped over. Right now I have to select it and do a Rotate 180. are there no commands out there that does this??


I guess you would probably have to script the rotation together with the Unroll command if you wanted it to happen automatically while you are unrolling. Otherwise, you could select all the surfaces after unroll and use BoxEdit; Rotate in X or Y 180°. Use X, Y and Z centered as the pivot location and check transform objects individually…

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I like BoxEdit. Seems to be a few less steps then using Rotate. I haven’t really started getting into Scripts yet, though I might sooner rather then later.

Mirror with Copy=No. To flip the object about an axis parallel to the x-axis click in the viewport at the desired y value, then hold down Shift, move the cursor to the right (or left) and click. The surface will be flipped over. Other axis of rotation can be easily used by selecting appropriate locations for first and second “clicks”.

Or, RemapCplane Pause Cplane Bottom might do it.

Or, Mirror Pause 3Point w0,0,0 w1,0,0 w0,1,0


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Yep, it should… But the surfaces won’t necessarily rotate around themselves that way I guess, depending on where they are in relation to the CPlane 0 they could move quite a bit…

Result appears to be the same as a 180 degree rotation about the y-axis.

Mirror Pause 3Point w0,0,0 w1,0,0 w0,1,0

That pretty much did the same as Flip, but changing the numbers around could probably correct that.

RemapCplane Pause Cplane Bottom

I’m liking this since I can attach this to a hotkey or button. It can change the x/y rotation so it could be harder to orient on which side is which if its a similar sized shape on each side. Labels could help with that.

The mirror feature could work well too.

@pburgh.mcs - you can aslo try this Python script - it will rotate all selected objects 180° around an axis parallel to World Y running their bounding box centers. You can modify the degrees and/or the axis on the last line in the input arguments - so for example, you could make it flip over the X axis instead of the Y if need be. (609 Bytes)