How to retain Surface Isocurve Settings to the color specified for the isocurves

“The color specified for the isocurves” has been automatically changed to “Object’s color”.
WIll this bug be fixed in the SR6? MB)

Hi, Knead,

Do you have the latest service release? This problem is not happening for me. Rhino 5 SR 6

Yes, I do. MB)
I’m using the latest service release of Rhino 5 32bit and 64bit in Windows 7.
Now attached file was made with Rhino 5 32bit.

Hmmmm… Well, it doesn’t happen for me in 32-bit or 64-bit. Let’s see if we can get @jeff involved in this discussion.

Anyway, It has not this problem on Rhino V4 SR9.
Thank you so much for the answer!

I am just now getting to this on my list. I see the problem here and hopefully I’ll have it fixed in SR7.


It fixed in SR7 5.7.31105.12495
Thank you.