How to restore the window backround colors to the original settings?

During my work the user interface has changed, and I am not able to restor the original backround colors on the screen… (I probably hit some keys accidentally).

(Windows7 professional, DellPrecision T1700, AMD Firepro V4900 graficcard.)

I tried to set the Environment function to solid color.
It has no effect at all, the display is still appearing with a gray to blue color gradient.

I tried to solve the problem using Tools/Options /Apperance/Color. It looks that the solution is not there.

I have checked the Display command Backround option to change, no effect.
I red the help topics, and I can’t find any solution

Could any of you help me to solve this problem please?

Thank you in advance!

Try typing GradientView. This is a toggle. You might have accidentally toggled it if you (mis)typed Grassshopper.


That was it!