How to restore parent structure? (43.9 KB)

Hi, the question here is regarding the specific operation which I shift path by 1, the data becomes flattened into its child path together for any other purpose. Then I want that result containing the same size of data to restore its own original parent level, is there any possible approach? :grinning:

This could be one way. (36.3 KB)

Thank you, Kim, the approach you provided is sorting by matching the same contents,
but actually the target what I want to input is not with the same data, only containing the same size of it,
is there other further approaches, (maybe like sorting by its closest point, which I can only figure out now…) (36.3 KB)

You want Unflatten Tree? (26.5 KB)

I’ve tried unflattern tree before, but the path and list order is messing up from the target list…
Obviously, you could see it through by Cherry Picker.

Then what is this all about? (29.9 KB)

Well, sorry for taking your time, I’ve been looking for possibility of drawing-section-from-plan automation by grasshopper. If I can restore the path, then the result geometry won’t loose its original identities, which can totally remain my preset of path structure, such as {floor level, beam type}.

This one could work, thank you again. :blush: