How to resize CRhinoUiDockBar


I make a custom CRhinoTabbedDockBarDialog and I put it in the CRhinoUiDockBar hooked on the right side of the Rhino application interface.

Now I would like to dynamically resize the DockBar in order to be sure that the content of my custom tab would fit in it, and it is shown entirely without using the scrollbar.

Is it possible to do that? Any suggestion about how to reach this purpose?

Any suggestion would be appreciate,
thank you.

Could you provide some example code demonstrating how you are creating your control? What is your goal, to make a custom CRhinoUiDockBar or a Rhino tab panel?

I implemented my TabbedDockBarDialog following the linked example found on your repository:

Inside my custom TabbedDockBarDialog I put a tree (like directories tree) and I would like to automatically expand (horizontally) the width of my TabbedDockBarDialog when, expanding a branch of the tree, it happens that some tree children are not visible without scrolling on the right side of the TabbedDockBarDialog.
So, answering to your question, I have already implemented a CRhinoTabbedDockBarDialog and I wouldn’t implement a CRhinoUiDockBar, if not necessary.
I just would like to resize my custom TabbedDockBarDialog but I suppose that, since it is hooked inside a CRhinoTabbedDockBarDialog, I have to resize the CRhinoTabbedDockBarDialog.

Thanks for your support!

Aren’t there any advices?
I cannot find out a valid solution to this problem. I hope someone can help me.

Thank you

You don’t need to implement a CRhinoUiDockBar if you are using a tabbed dock bar. Your dialog gets hosted by a control that embeds your control in the client area bellow the tabs. You do not get to control the size of the control, the size is based on the available area in the host. You will need to add scroll bars to your control when the size is less than your minimum size.

Can I resize the area of the host (by code)? If yes, how can I do that?
I wouldn’t use a scroll bar for my control, I would like to make my control always visible, entirely.

Many thanks