How to reset screen to be 4 viewport split with layers/properties menu?

The layers/properties/etc menu used to be split with my 4 panel viewport as is common in Rhino 5-7. Recently my layers menu is no longer split with viewports. I understand I can dock the layers toolbar but would prefer to have it restored to split screen.

Does anyone know how to restore my working screen to have the layers menu split with the 4 viewports? Is this a new Rhino7 update? Can’t find supporting info. Thanks.

dear @John_Cathcart
not sure if I 100% understood what you re after by “split screen”

there is
to get the 4 standard viewports
will bring the toolbars / palettes to the front.

now you should be able to drag them / position them where you want.

maybe post a screenshot of what you wish / what you have / what you had.

kind regrads -tom