How to reset layer information

When a layer is deleted and a layer with the same name as the deleted layer is created, the created layer index is the same as the deleted index.

Ex) ER_A layer (index: 13) → Manually delete → Create ER_A layer (code) → Created ER_A layer index: 13

I want to know how to delete deleted layers in the place where all layers are saved.
Or, you want to know how to assign indexes according to the order in which they are created.

Hi @user914,

Rhino does not delete layers, or anything else really. When you delete a layer, it is only marked for deletion, meaning that it won’t be saved to a 3dm file. The reason for this flow is to support undo.

So no, there isn’t a way to purge a deleted layer, other than saving the 3dm file.

– Dale