How to render focal blur changes in raytraced bongo animation?

When I click on ‘Autofocus on selected objects’ and select the object, focal blur tab disappears.
Also tried setting the ‘target to a object’ constraint in Bongo without success.

Using Rhino 6 with Bongo 2

I’m trying to change the focal distance from 350(start) to 50(end) in this animation

Focal blur animation.3dm (1.6 MB)

Related to RH-41177 Autofocus on selected objects doesn’t work in Raytraced

Adding this topic to the issue.

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Workaround -

For object approaching camera
Generate two video renders from bongo. One with and one without focal blur.
In a video editor, place the ‘without blur’ clip on top of the ‘with blur’ clip.
Set first keyframe of ‘without blur’ clip at 100% opacity and last keyframe at 0% opacity.

& vice versa for object going away from camera

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