How to render a range of an animation?


I want to render my animation until tick 20, manipulate the scene and than I want to render from 20 to 28. How can I render the two parts without to manual calculate frames ranges?

If this is not possible than it could be nice to get an additional option for rendering tick ranges. Maybe the “Frames” section could be named “Range” and the Range option could get an unit chooser, where the user can define the unit “frames” or “ticks”.

  • Micha

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Indeed manually calculating the frames is the only way. It isn’t that hard though: 375 / 28 * 20 = 267,857142… Rounding is inevitable. The issue whether to take zero into account can be puzzling.

The idea of manipulating a scene during ‘recordings’ looks somewhat like an old school method of ‘special effects’. As a working method it seems somewhat extraordinary to me, but I will present your idea to the team (


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