How to render a photoscan in wireframe with Rhinoceros(including texture)

hey everyone,

I’m searching a way to render my FBX file in wireframe with material color.

The FBX is created using recap photo.

did a search in the rhino forum but don’t know the exact name of rendertype.

thanks a lot in advance!


here is a pic of the result I would like to become.

This is something that coud be made possible for Raytraced

Right now not yet possible, but probably could be done in the future with 6.3, 6.4 or later, and an updated GhShaderNodes plug-in to Grasshopper.

It will be possible in Rhino 6 SR 3 (6.3) with an extra material I created.

When the first Release Candidate for 6.3 is out (probably in a few weeks) I’ll publish the material plug-in on food4rhino.

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