How to Rename Block in Rhino (6) - Use Block **Editor** not Manager

tldr; Use the BlockEdit command and double click on the block name, you can toggle into the name field there.

I was searching the forums and could not find a good answer to this topic. Lots of scripts showed up, not sure how to make those work, above my paygrade.

It seemed a relatively simple task – rename a block. It is perplexing you can’t do it inside the BlockManager. You expect to be able to toggle into the naming field there, or at least have it show up in the right click menu options.

I was using the stupid workaround of exploding the block and re-creating it and then copying it into its various locations, but then I realized I had a discrepency in my naming conventions … I wasn’t about to repeat this work.

It turns out you can edit the block name in the BlockEdit command. It’s not as convenient as using the BlockManager, where you can see all your blocks, but it is better than the workaround discussed above.

Rhino 6 for Windows

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Hi Henry -

In Rhino 6, in the BlockManager, highlight the block definition you want to rename. Click the Properties or, from the right-mouse pop-up select Properties. In the Block Definition Name field, change the name.