How to remove this edge from a loft

Hey Everyone,

I am just getting desperate and have already tried everything to get the edge out in my loft. Does anyone have an idea how I can solve the problem?

Breptosurface.3dm (4.1 MB) (11.6 KB)

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Hi Helen -


Please always list non-standard plug-ins that are used in the definition.

It appears that you are trying to create a single NURBS surface out of your SubD input. A single NURBS surface is like a sheet of paper - it has 4 sides. If you (somehow) force this sheet of paper into the shape of a foot, you’ll get one edge at the tips of the toes, one edge at the heel and 2 edges that are joined into one edges somewhere along the foot. There is no way around this.

It has already worked with rhino and I had already managed it with grasshopper, but unfortunately lost the file. So I think that it should also work with grasshopper without edges. But there seems to be some error in it and I don’t understand exactly where it comes from, because I actually managed to do it the same way before.