How to remove the small projections of the voronoi structs?

I would like to convert the hemispherical shell to voronoi struct.I extracted the points in the shell ,and transfromed the intersection line between the shell and Voronoi polygon to points.Then, I used plugin Dendro generated the structs.
There are some small projections on the convex surface of the shell, but not on the concave surface.I supposed the reason is that the intersection lines between the shell and Voronoi polygon are not entirely on the sphere surface. How can i solve this problem?

Hi @FrankChung
It looks like your Rhino file didn’t upload properly, can you try resaving/reuploading?

This definition removes short lines in a 2d voronoi. You might be able to learn from this and apply it to your voronoi? (17.8 KB)


It didn’t work.

I transfromed the intersection line to points, so this didn’t work.

Could you take the intersection lines and Cull Duplicates then remove short lines before you turn them into points for Dendro?