How to remove the half(trimmed) polygons along the edges of a surface?

I’ve created panels on a surface by using the lunchbox plugin, and I offset each panel by a certain number to create openings on that surface. However, the openings along the edge of the surface are trimmed, and I would like to remove those openings(marked some of them on the image) and have the complete ones instead. I would still like to preserve the edge surface.

The only way I can think of is to find each of the trimmed ones by using a list item component one by one, which would take forever. Is there a quicker way? (31.3 KB)

Something like this? (40.3 KB)


Exactly like that! Thank you! I was just trying the “cull Nth” and it seemed to be working at some points, but not along the all edges.

Thanks again!