How to remove points near the surface

I’m going to remove some cells near the surface but I guess some thing goes wrong! one of nearest cells still reminded and not removed. I don’t know why? how can I remove points surrounding an open Brep as a surface?
I wonder if anyone could guide me.
bests (9.4 KB)

If you use list length as domain end which is 1050 in this case, 1050 equals item 0, so you always choose the first item… (14.2 KB)

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thank you very much @HS_Kim. I understood what you done. but when l want to construct a domain I don’t know why 1050 equals item 0?

First item index = 0
Last item index = 1049

so, if you wrap index to list bounds(by default = true), index 1050 = index 0

If you set the wrap input to “False” or list length count-1 as the domain input like the attached, you can avoid this problem… (16.3 KB)

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o… thank you very much @HS_Kim :pray:t2: :star_struck: