How to remove packed pictures from file

i deleted an image i had loaded with the picture command but it is still being saved a s a support file. how do i remove it?

Hello - delete the material from the Materials tab. If you have a lot of materials, filter the view (right click context menu) to only show unused materials.


Hi Pascal,

it is not a material, i used the picture command to load the image. i checked in the materials and did not find it.

Isn’t there a ‘purge bitmap’ command?

Hi Chris,

i couldnt find it.


Hello - when you add a Picture in V6, you’ll get a material for it at the same time - delete this material to get rid of the texture…


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Hello All:

How do I delete the pictures as support files that don’t show up in the materials log as used or unused?

I deleted everything from a file to start a new drawing – that way it saves all my dimensioning styles without having to re-input them (I’m sure there is a better way to do that!). But the new file saves all the pictures from the old file and they don’t show up in the materials log. I see them being saved as support files as the new file is being saved and now my little drawing is pretty porky.

Hilary Smith
Pacific NW

Hi Hillary - see ImportAnnotationStyles.
You can use Purge to remove unused materials.


Thank you, Pascal. I’ll certainly try both your suggestions.