How to remove modifications on edge points of a surface


I’m looking to create a smooth transition between a surface created in rhino and one created in grasshopper generated by points.
To do it I was thinking to only select the two first and last row and colomn of the surface and cancel any modification on it so that the new surface created follow the old one. In this way I would have a continuity with the other surface.

So before applying any modification, I need
-to split the list and keep the first two items and the last two items appart.
-to split the tree and keep the first 2 branch and the last two branch appart.

Then recombine all of it with the same structure to create the surface with all the points.

I tried with split list and split tree but I didn’t manage to only select the rows and column I wanted to select.

any tip on How I could do it?


Here’s one way: (10.3 KB)


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Here’s another approach…

Edge Deform (18.0 KB)