How to remove Missing Image Files mac

I keep getting this popup for a missing image file. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the file in the textures panel or by searching by name. How can I get rid of this popup?
Screenshot 2024-02-10 at 12.21.30 PM

Any word on this?

My guess here is you’re going to want the Purge command: check out this thread for details: How to get rid of unwanted missing images

Judging from the file path, this appears to be an image you screencaptured using the macOS built-in Screen Capture tool: command+shift+4 and then drug directly onto your model. I wonder if there is a bug here we need to address when that file was one you decided not to keep…I tried reproducing this here on my machine, but was unable to, so I suspect there’s some detail I’m missing.

Actually, I did find a way to reproduce what I think is the precursor condition for this…I’ll log it as a bug:

RH-80795 Drag and Drop Materials: Dragging directly from ScreenCapture before save is problematic