How to remove material

How to remove a material from an object in V-ray without deleting the material?

There may be another way but I’d suggest creating a new default material in the scene materials list of the editor and assigning that to the object. The original material will remain in the scene materials list.

good idea.I will do that. thank you very much !!

Or change the ‘Assign Material By’ to layer rather than object, but make sure your layer either doesn’t have a material assigned to it or has the material you want assigned to it.

Thank you mcvltd.
actually I don’t understand what will I gain by changing to “assign by layer” rather than by object…

If you use the ‘by layer’ method of assigning materials then you can remove the material easily by right-mouse-button clicking in the layers list and then selecting ‘remove material’. I just find assigning by materials by layer far easier to manage.

Thank you very much !!