How to remove links of missing decals (textures) from warning box?

Hi everyone,

I have a model with 5 my own decals, model with decal is saved separately so I have 5 files. Unfortunately before starting rendering the box with following warning appears: The textures from external links are missing (It is a translation since I am not using english Rhino)
How I can remove the links from the box?
There is an option do not display theis message again, which I can leave unchecked

I don’t think I’m getting the entire picture here.
If you are getting a warning about a decal that is not found and you don’t need it, you can just delete the decal assignment in the properties tab.

I have one general 3D model and several decals accroding to my friends’ wishes. I removed the old decal from model before starting of rendering from the properties tab but the problem still persist. I would like to delete the links or the black squares which originally represented the decal but the decals are no longer available.
Thank you

Try this, open the Textures panel from the Panel drop down menu. You should see the textures used in the decals or the black thumbnail images. Select these using Shift to select more than one. Then right click and choose Delete. Save the file and try reopening it to see if they are finally removed.

Thanks BrianJ, all unused textures are removed now:-)