How to remove kinks from joined curves?

does anyone know how to remove kinks from a series of joined curves?

After extruding the profile the resultant surface has a number of seams at all the kink points of the base curve. I’d like the surface to have only a single seam…

thanks for any tips…

You need to draw one closed curve to have that result. No joined curves…no segments

Hi Ian- if the curves are truly tangent, try: UseExtusions set to Polysurface, ExtrudeCrv with SpliAtTangents set to No. But, why do you need the one seam only?


Hi thanks for the tips. I’m looking to use the applyCrv command which only maps onto a single base surface…

fantastic, thanks pascual. that worked!

As a follow up, can you take a closed segmented line, remove all kinks then loft it so it has no seams? Is there any way to remove all kinks in a segmented line without major distortion?

Hello - It depends - one way is to RemoveKnot one knot at each kink. But that might or might not do anything you like.
It may help to ChangeDegree to 3 or 5 first.