How to remove embedded textures from a file?

Hi guys,
The subject says it all… How to remove embedded textures from a file?

thnx Tobias

Hi Tobias - if the textures are Pictureframes or background bitmaps that are saved in the bitmap table, then


will remove all images. If these are rendering textures, I think just un-checking the setting to embed the files (Document Properties > Rendering page > “Save support files in 3dm file”) and then saving may do it- I have not tried it though.


Hi Pascal
I guess “testPurgeBitmapTable” will remove all bitmaps including rendering textures, right?
If yes, is there no way to have a list of all embedded bitmaps and remove just certain ones?
Maybe with scripting?

gr, Tobias

Interesting command though… :wink:

I think not- rendering textures are not added to the bitmap table, they are embedded and then extracted to a separate folder if the file is opened on a machine that does not have the bitmaps. So the two cases are handled a little differently-

Backgroundbitmap and embedded PictureFrame textures are in tbe bitmap table and saved material textures are handled in some other way, I am not really sure what the mechanism is.


Thanks Pascal! Very useful information as always!

gr, Tobias