How to remove Curves on Seam

Hi All,
Please let me know the best way to remove the seam curves on my hexagon pipe that was created with lunchbox hex panels. Please see attached image and GH file any help appreciated Thanks!
Joe V. (8.9 KB)

These are all going to be display setting changes. Surface edges, Seams, and mesh
I can’t tell from your screenshot exactly what kind of geometry you have created, but it appears to be a mesh.
If it’s a mesh, then you can turn off the display of mesh wires in the display mode you’re using.

Not a display issue, it is a seam curve created by the lunchbox plugin when I fill the surface with hex panels. The mesh is just a simple pipe mesh from intralattice. If I bake and then go in and manually delete the curves you can see the result below, I just want to be able to cull the curves within the gh automatically Thanks! (16.4 KB)

try using Dendro

The plugin you used missed some lines ; you can remove the seam line and use ExoWireframe (11.5 KB)

for more precise result (28.0 KB)


I will check out these sample files THANKS PEOPLE!!