How to remove Connections?


for example I added a slider connection. I didn’t find a way to change the direction of the connection or to remove it.


To remove a connection or change it, go to the Connections section in the Animation manager and right click on the connection.

This will be easier to do in the next WIP, Joshua is working on adding a Connections Manager that will give it a UI.

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Nice, thank you.

I found a little issue - if I change the type than at the viewport the symbol is changed but not at the Connection manager.

Thanks for reporting the issue.
It will be fixed in the next WIP.

And I got a wish during testing - if I have several connections at the connection manager than the right connection isn’t so easy to find. It could be nice if the user select a part at the viewport then the connection could be marked. Maybe by an unfilled marker and if the user click on the connection and both parts are selected at the viewport, than the marker is filled like known.

For example I ask me which is the connection of the left object. I clicked on all connections and found the object has not connection yet. Easier would be to click on the viewport object and I would see, that nothing is marked and I need to add the connection.

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Thanks for the feedback. I put down your request under BO-3161