How to remove beta to install latest wip?

After my WiP expired I need to run the beta for some time.
I have downloaded latest built and I am getting this message
What should I clean or delete to getr it running normally?

Hi Piotr /

The beta’s have expired, you are perhaps running an evaluation now?
At any rate, you should always be able to uninstall a version using the Microsoft Control Panel.

Hi Wim.
I have uninstalled WiP first, then removed all remains of WiP from hard disc then tried to run beta. Still getting this message.

Anyone can help?
Over the WiP development period I have created lots of V7 files. Suddenly I’ve lost access to them, can’t continue working. I still should be able to use beta.

Forget the Beta!
Use the 90-day eval.
It will run far longer.

I did, figured it out at the end.
I have also saved options.ini file two days before but, to my huge disappointment, it didn’t cary information about display modes. What a pitty. Few extra bites would save me lots of work.
First impresion with real V7 - every time I open new session my toolbars are misplaced. After all those years problem stil appears … WiP never did it.