How to remove a redundant viewport

There among a ribbon of viewport tabs exist some redundant tabs which I’d like to remove but can’t find the option

Right-click on the tab and delete?

Hi @Helvetosaur, unfortunately nothing is happening when I right-click on a tab (not for a trackpad nor a mouse). Probably such an option solely for a window version…

OK, I don’t know how that works on Mac then.
What are these “redundant” viewport tabs? Floating viewports? As far as I know you can’t have more than 4 docked viewports. If they are floating viewports, then you might be able to close them by clicking on the viewport title to bring up the viewport menu (or when the viewport is active, pull down the View menu), then choose “Close viewport”.

Have you tried the command 4View?

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Seems the new viewport tabs were being created when I was trying “CopyDetailToViewport” command, but not confident about, cose didn’t pay attention then

Thank you for the trick, unexpectedly the “4 View” command set the default set of tabs as I wanted. But how users should know about that…

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… by looking at the Help files…

Rhinoceros Help - Create a new viewport | Rhino 3-D modeling (

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