How to remove a material assigned to a ground plane

New to Flamingo nXt…I needed to have both shadows and transparency for a rendering to simulate “below ground,” and so that worked fairly well. But in another portion of the model I wanted the basic ground plane, and now I can’t find a way to delete the ground plane material. The best I could do is reassign it to a matte white material. How does one restore it to the default with no material? Thanks!

Seriously, 25 views and no one has any comment on this? Surely there is a way to delete an assigned material to the ground plane!

Looks like an oversight-- I’ll put a way to remove it on the todo list. Internally the thing is just going to create a matte neutral gray material (0,0,181 in HSV) or (181, 181, 181 RGB) – so you’re on the right track to simulating what a Remove button might do.

Okay, so I’m not overlooking something obvious, then. Yes, I’d definitely say that’s an oversight!
And what you’re saying is basically what I’ve been doing in place of being able to delete the material.
I hope that this can get corrected in a service release soon.
Thanks very much.

It won’t be in the next service release-- due in a few days-- but yes, I’ll put it on the list for the one after that.