How to remake a mesh in rhino to export in grasshopper`?

like I said is my problem that i don’t know how to reimport a mesh into grasshopper. I baked it to rhino to adjust some lines and to do that i had first to divide the mesh into segments so i can remove some of them. Now I don’t have a clue how to turn it back to a mesh. I hope you can help me.

Schlußvariante_3.3dm (365.0 KB)
Schluß (178.4 KB)

. Could no one helps me?

The 3dm file has curves and points. There is no mesh in there. You can create a curve component and select multiple curves to “re-import” your geometry into grasshopper. But you’d have to remake those curves into a mesh if you want to import a mesh into grasshopper.

Thank you first for your help. I did use the curve component to export the curves into grasshopper, so good so far. Now I have the points and the curves, how can I turn it to a mesh? I need it in order to make some calculation with Karamba.