How to refresh the Select object with a set Slider properties to get the values as the range change?


I have connected the select object and set slider properties to the slider that needs to get updated everytime a change has been made in the script, but the slider doesnt get updated after a change. It keeps the value as a max without changing it to the new values maximums. Is there a way to refresh the select object componenten or set slider properties componenten?

At the very least post a screenshot of your problem - its very tricky to help just from a description!

As you can see on the screenshots, the first value was 10 for the range max and value set, but when i change it to 20 it does update the max value, but not the set value. So it makes the range of the slider goes up to 20 max, but it doesnt set it to the max value while i have connected it to the set slider properties component.

can you share the file? Gut feeling is you don’t have the update components referenced to the components you want to update (4.5 KB)

seems to work for me. you need to refresh the script or at least the component for it to update. I did this by adding an enable/disable component together with a button:

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