How to redo the same plane for DRAPE

I randomly do an perspective view of drape, and moved the view, which cannot be restored now.

is there a possible way to redo the same slanted angle of drape again since it was only covered in some parts of the objects?

for the future you can save the perspective as a named view, its in the side panel - the camera icon, or call it up with NamedView.

for now if you still have the drape and some rest flat part of it then you can use OrientCameraToSrf which will align the view perpendicular towards the surface as you had it before. the exact position may differ of course.

if you have done only a few steps with the camera you can also try this button :arrow_upper_left:︎ on your keyboard or under View - Undo View or with the command UndoView, it will move back till you have the same camera position.

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