How to recover vray data from a broken 3dm file


I lost a 3dm file, because every time I open it, rhino shuts down and appears the tipical error tab which gives you the option to send the the error to mcneel.

I managed to recover the geometry, by opening a new file and using the command rescue3dmfile.

The problem is that I lost all of my vray information (lights, option settings, materials)

how can I get it back?

thanks for the help!


Also I have a suggestion, if you have a important data then you store that in yur drive and after that you will be very helpful. Also you just do one thing just browse and get more help. Also I have data recovery

We would need to investigate the 3dm file that crashes when opened to determine whether its V-Ray data is retrievable. Could you please send it over together with its associated asset files at via a file-sharing service of your choice? Make sure to add a link to this forum thread and state the version numbers of V-Ray you have used for this project as well as the one you currently use.

On a side note, every time you experience a crash while using V-Ray for Rhino, please fill in the Rhino crash report form, add a detailed comment and submit it. McNeel shares all error reports caused by V-Ray with my colleagues here at Chaos Group. This data helps our developers to pinpoint the causes of each reported error and implement solutions in a timely manner.

Kind regards,
Peter Chaushev
V-Ray for Rhino QA

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